Six Admin Benefits of Magento 2 Mobile E-Store App

It is wise to switch from a traditional brick-and mortar store to a fully-fledged Magento 2 app. Guest Posting You realize after counting the advantages of native estore that you now are the administrator of your estore. You will be responsible for managing your eStore day-in and day-out. You will be responsible for managing the backend activities of your estore as an admin.

  • Maintaining Customer Records
  • Order management
  • Generating sales reports, etc.

This sounds like a lot. You cannot do everything when you’re busy meeting new people to expand your business and traveling. How will you manage your eStore while on the go? There is always a solution. You can now integrate your Magento app with your e-store thanks to the power of modern technology. This tool will provide you all the information and management of your estore on your phone. We will now look at some of the benefits you can get from using Magento 2 native application to manage your Magento Backend:

1. Manage Your Dashboard Easily

Magento Backend Admin Applications are now available and provide awesome dashboards with modules that can be customized to meet your needs. Magento allows you to easily generate reports that include details such as total sales, order values, etc. You can get the information according to the time period you select. From the backend of your smartphone, you can manage multiple stores. This allows you to keep track of the stock levels in all your stores.

2. Product Management on the Move

You might not have a lot of products in your display if you are just starting out. If you spend hours managing your products, it may be difficult to focus on other tasks that are important for business development. Magento admin mobile app is a great way to manage your inventory and shipping. As your business grows you will add new products. With new products comes the need to maintain a constant track of inventory. You can use a Magento extension to view and edit your products in the backend. This will allow you to keep track of the product availability so you don’t need to cancel an order. Don’t forget that you should also check if the extension has a user-friendly UI.

3. Receive Notifications Instantly

You may be too busy at times to access your Magento mobile admin. You need a system to keep you updated on the latest orders, stock, and inventory through notifications. You can take immediate action once you receive the notifications via your mobile. You can also instantly interact with customers by answering their questions.

4. Stay connected to your customers

If you don’t have the customer’s details on hand, it can be difficult to interact with them. Once you have the details, it’s time to start the long process of finding out their contact info, sending them emails, etc. You can instead make the most of the customer modules that are available in these apps. From the backend, you can manage your customer’s account information. You can also keep up to date with the product orders of your customers so you can accurately send messages and emails from the system. Each interaction is crucial. Your sales can be made or broken by this. Make sure that the app offers a feature for seamless customer management.

5. Find Your Way

Imagine driving a car without being able to see where it is going. Magento Admin apps that do not offer reports can be similar. You will be unable to gain many valuable insights without it.

  • What are your top-selling products?
  • What kind of feedback and ratings does your customer give you?
  • What products do your customers prefer?

Ensure that your admin application allows you to create reports. You can create reports whenever you like and for any information. These reports are a guide to help you drive your car in the right direction.

6. Keep track of sales

The most important thing in any business is the sales ratio. You know if it’s high that you’re on the right track if you use the right techniques. You can’t count orders to see where your graph is heading. Instead, you need an automated system. Ensure that your admin system gives you access to all product orders, including their shipping and billing details. You should be able to create invoices whenever you like for all your orders. You should also be able, if necessary, to print hard copies of your confirmed orders by using a command in your browser.

Magento 2 mobile app

itself. It should also show you sales data for the last week, month or even between dates. When it comes to managing an e-store, there is one common goal. You want more efficiency with less time. Many companies offer Magento Mobile Admin Apps with all of the above functionalities and more. Ask for a product demo before investing in any of them. If you find that one or more features is missing, ask the Magento 2 native developers to add them.


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