Five Common Myths About Solar Power Busted

Solar panels are becoming more popular. The growing awareness about sustainability, Guest Posting and respect for the environment are some of the reasons why solar panels have become so popular. The panels are less expensive than ten years earlier, making them more affordable. Solar power installers in Sydney, NSW and throughout Australia are now more trained than ever.

Many people hesitate to install solar panels, despite their many advantages. It is because of some myths and misconceptions that are common about solar energy.

Solar Power Myths: 5 common misconceptions about it busted

Solar energy is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Solar panels need a lot of maintenance. This is not true. The level of maintenance required will depend on where you have installed your solar panels. Solar panels require regular maintenance in areas that are subject to more extreme weather conditions. This includes stronger winds, heavy rainfall, and even snow. Regular cleaning is required if there are any obstructions in the light source, or dirt that has been trapped inside the panel mechanisms. Panels installed in ideal conditions with expert care will require minimal maintenance.

To get the best out of your panels, we recommend cleaning them at least twice per year. Solar panels that are dirty only operate at 50% of their capacity. It’s important that your solar panels are well-maintained and clean. For the best results, leave this task to the professionals.

Heat and Heat

A common misconception is that solar panels work by harnessing the heat from the sun rather than its power. Many people believe that solar panels work best in warm climates. It is not true. The panels store energy by using the energy of the sun rather than heat generated. Even in cloudy weather or seasons, your panels will convert sunlight into energy.

What happens in the night?

Solar panels do not stop generating power just because the sun sets. Solar panels produce excess energy all day. The stored energy can be used at night. Your panels will produce more energy in a day than you use on that day. With panels, you’re constantly creating a sustainable store of energy.

Roof damage

Many homeowners are afraid that solar panels can’t be removed and cause permanent damage to their roofs. This is not true. Professionals will always inspect the ceiling before installation. We can then ensure that the panel can be installed correctly and with ease. Your panels should not be damaged or deteriorated if they are installed by professionals.


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