Six Ways Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate

The technology has changed the way people communicate. In just a few years, Guest Posting has changed the way we communicate. We no longer send handwritten letters, but instead, use text, social media, or email to instantly connect with anyone around the globe. Here are six ways that technology continues to transform the way we communicate.

Were communicating more often, but in shorter bursts

We’re used to being able contact anyone at any time, thanks to messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage. We tend to send shorter messages because we are able to contact someone immediately, rather than sending a letter or email.

The most obvious change is in the way that young people communicate. They are more likely to send “text speak”, a short message, than type out long sentences and phrases.

Our new best friends are bots and AI-powered assistants

AI-powered assistants and chatbots are becoming more common as artificial intelligence improves its understanding of human communication.

Today, we can ask Alexa about the weather or chat with an artificially intelligent salesperson via a website. As AI improves its ability to understand human communication, we will see more of these types of interactions.

NBN and Fixed Wireless Internet Allow Us to Stay Connected

It’s important to stay connected in today’s world of constant connectivity. NBN and fixed-wireless internet providers such as Swoop can help people stay connected, whether they are working at home or staying in touch with friends and family overseas. Super-fast speeds and reliable connections allow people to do more without having to worry about being disconnected.

Our Communications are Increasingly Visual

It’s evident that with the popularity of visual social media sites like Snapchat and Instagram that people want to consume information in an attractive way. As we consume more and visual content online, companies will have to adapt to this by adding more visuals to their marketing materials, their website content, etc.

We’re More Open to Communication with Strangers Online

Social media makes it easier to find people who share your interests. As online communication becomes more prevalent, we are less likely to be hesitant about reaching out to others and connecting with them online (even if they have never met us in person).

Our communications will be faster.

instant messenger apps are so popular that we have become accustomed to receiving responses within seconds or minutes. When it comes to email, phone calls or other forms of communication, we expect the same quick response. Even if it takes hours or days to respond.

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It’s obvious that technology has changed the way we communicate. Our attention spans have shortened and our expectations of prompt responses have increased as a result of instant communication.

Businesses will have to pay more attention to the way consumers express themselves as they try to keep pace with this change. It’s not only what we say, but also how we say it, that counts.


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