Six Ways Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate

The technology has changed the way people communicate. In just a few years, has changed the way we communicate. We no longer send handwritten letters, but instead, use text, social media, or email to instantly connect with anyone around the globe. Here are six ways that technology continues to transform the way we communicate. Were … Read more

Do you need a managed IT service provider?

When deciding on how to manage the IT infrastructure of your business, there are many options. Can you afford an in-house IT team? Are you satisfied with the IT support provided by contract professionals? Should you look at a managed IT services provider? Managed IT services providers offer bespoke packages of support for a monthly … Read more

Benefits of Online Backup

Online backup is also called cloud backup or remote back up. It involves sending data via a network over to a location offsite. Online backup is intended to protect data against disasters like fires, earthquakes and floods which could destroy traditional backups such as tapes and external hard drives. Online backups allow businesses to store … Read more

Examining the Differences Between Two MySQL Tables

MySQL tables are the foundation of a MySQL database. A MySQL database is a structured data storage and organization system. This tutorial will show you how to compare MySQL tables with the GUI and CLI. Comparing MySQL tables is important for ensuring consistency, spotting discrepancies and catching errors in data migration. We will also highlight … Read more

How to create a website without coding skills?

Don’t worry if you lack coding skills! You can create a website using several tools that don’t require any coding. These tools enable users without technical skills to create websites with minimal or no coding. WebWave is one of the most popular tools for building websites without coding. Other options include Wix, Squarespace Weebly and … Read more